Our FOUNDATION “STIFTUNG  ZUKUNFT FUER KINDER IN SLUMS” has now put the English Version of its Annual Report 2020  online on its homepage.

See: https://slum-kinder.org/2021/10/18/annual-report-2020-published-in-english/

In the Report, the Foundation not only gives an update of its work with its previous partners. It also offers an outlook on the joint work of the Foundation and the Association in the current year 2021, including reports on the new partners of the Foundation and the Association as well. And why the foundation decided at the end of 2020 to establish our non-profit association with the same name to be able to support its partners even better

If you would like to receive the 24-page magazine in the German Language on paper, please send an email to slum-kinder@web.de.  We would send it to you free of charge.