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Our organization


We are a non-profit non-governmental organisation (NGO) that helps partners from the world’s slums to improve the living conditions of children and young people. Primarily through the promotion of “Sport for Social Development and Peace”, children and young people are inspired to pursue school education and health care, which we believe are the most important prerequisites for freeing themselves from poverty.


Our Asociation ZUKUNFT FÜR KINDER IN SLUMS e.V. (ZKV) was founded in 2020 by all members of the Council of the STIFTUNG ZUKUNFT FÜR KINDER IN SLUMS. The Foundation and the Association cooperate closely in order to achieve the same goals even better together. All members of the Association’s board are members of the foundation’s Council. The Foundation and the Association base their project support on the mission statement of CARE Deutschland e.V..

Heribert Scharrenbroich and Hamilton A. Nyanga during a meeting in Korogocho/Nairobi

We consistently pursue the idea of supporting people so that they can develop their potential themselves. This is no easy undertaking in the environment in which our partners work. It is important to us that we only support proposals that our partners have developed.


The promotion of education and health must be the actual goal of the partners. The sports programme increases the attractiveness of our partners’ work. Sport itself is an activity that not only attracts and connects people, but also promotes many health and social moments. (More at: OUR CONCEPT)



Responsible persons in the association

The members of the board of directors of our association have been involved in the field of development cooperation for years, partly on a voluntary basis, and partly on a full-time basis in the field of their professional activities.

Our association statutes: 2021_Vereinssatzung Zukunft für Kinder in Slums

Board of directors

Heribert Scharrenbroich  (Chairperson)
Georg Schlachtenberger (Vice Chairperson)
Thomas Schwarz              (Vice Chairperson)
Gerd Denter
Christine Grünewald
Manfred Materne
Susanne Rastin
Anne Scharrenbroich
Hans Josef Schmitz



Minister ret. Dr. Michael Vesper 
Former Chairperson German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB)

Our contact details

Zukunft für Kinder in in Slums e. V. (Future for Children in Slums)

Postfach 1618

D 53734 Saint Augustin



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